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Personal Accident Protection For Your Members

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Personal / Player Accident insurance cover generally has the option to include a club income protection for all members as well.

This particularly convenient if you just want to cover your members for medical and permanent disability without the income protection. It means you can scale the extra support for your members based upon the budget you want to allocate.

Professional instructors / coaches know the risks of not having the right insurance and how a serious student injury could impact on their school and indeed their own assets.

Those instructors that just want insurance to get access to a venue either are not aware of or don’t care about the greater risks of litigation they are exposure to. This also demonstrates their lack of care for their students because if they get injured there is little support for them depending on the circumstances. A flippant attitude to insurance flows on to a general disregard for risk management and the safety of students in my opinion.

An injured student may not want to sue the operator by trying to prove negligence, they often just want some support with medical bills and some loss of wages. A player accident policy is perfectly positioned here to offer financial support without having to go through the lengthy litigation process to win compensation. Its not a catch all, but it does it does provide a substanial amount of support, so it's a policy you should consider as a martial arts school owner.

Player Accident / Personal Accident often comes with Income Protection  This extra cover allows students who are injured to receive a benefit otherwise not covered under their standard Medicare or Private medical insurance.

Personal Accident Insurance covers you or your members in case of accidental injury, disability and/or death. This insurance may also provide lump sum benefits due to death or permanent disability from accidental injury and weekly benefits for temporary disablement due to accident, injury or sickness.

How it covers you:
# Personal accident, lump sum payment for accidental death or permanent disability 
# Broken bones payment for accidental injury 
# Weekly benefits payment for temporary total disablement 
# Scope of Cover includes 24 hour worldwide cover 
# Weekly benefits are payable for up to 104 weeks after the accident or sickness 
# Employee or self employed are both eligible

Income Protection – Life – Total Permanent Disability – is also available through our specialist preferred provider. It is something to consider if for some reason you get injured or get sick and can’t run your business you need all your outgoings.

If you haven't considered Personal Injury Insurance speak to your broker today. You can pass on the costs to your members and give them that extra peace of mind. Members gaining access to this support without having to sue the school / gym, means less interruptions to your business. It is also proven that these members are more likely to return to training and be very grateful to the gym / club. 

For as little as $5.00 per person (minimum numbers apply) its certainly something to disscuss - call us now 03 8201 9908 







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