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Civil Liability - Professional Indemnity

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Civil Liability is a much broader global Professional indemnity insurance 

It Indemnifies coaches / senseis / trainers and your sporting business or organisation (Martial Arts Schools / Gyms) by providing cover for protection against claims for property damage, financial loss, or bodily / personal injury arising from an act, error or omission in the operators duties. 

With NO WIN – NO PAY Lawyers working in the industry legal action is more common and exercised to compensate people who feel entitled to make a claim when they feel they have been given the wrong advice that has resulted in an injury. Insurance indemnifies you if your client suffers a loss – either material, financial or physical or as a result of goods / products causing injury or damage.

In the case of martial arts instruction, it is always better to combine the public liability with professional indemnity to have a more complete cover for your business.

INSURANCE INDUSTRY HISTORY – Over the years there has been many concerns with Public Liability Insurance becoming unavailable to many businesses. This has happen on a few occasions in the martial arts industry due to some players pulling out after suffering high claims and not being able to manage the risk appropriately.

When several insurers withdrew from the market some years back leaving just one player there was a significant increase in premiums. The was also a major overhaul of the industry risk with Brazilian jiu jitsu, muay thai and kickboxing being casualties as they were perceived as a much higher risk of an incident compared to other styles.

Player / Personal Accident Insurance is a great add on, although it used to be a mandatory element of public liability. These days its an optional extra and gym / academy owners should consider this as it often negates a much more serious liability claim if the injured party recieves some support without having to sue the operator.

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