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Contents / Property Business Packs

There are many elements to a business pack and individuals can select all or just some of them components to protect their operation. Many landlords are including glass breakage as part of their lease agreements and this is not cost affective to purchase on it's own. When you bundle it with a number of the key areas below to can find a sweet point in protection and meeting your budget. Our personalised broker service is about explaining the most important areas to include and other ones of lesser risk that could be put under as 'self-insured'. 

Business Interruption
Lost income, profits or turnover if your gym / martial arts school has to close due to unforeseen events, including a storm or fire can be covered. You may need to rent temporary premises to continue operating and cover wages in down time and all this can be included in support.

This is generally set up as replacement of glass accidentally broken rather than a set amount. As each facility will vary in how much glass space they have but whatever that dimension is, it will covered both internally and externally as requested.

Businesses are covered for a loss caused by theft of property items insured in your premises, such as your stock or equipment. Items maybe required to be repaired or the amount they are insured for, will be paid.

Will vary from one martial arts school / gym due to floor space and equipment used. Such items as training mats, gym / cardio machines could be damaged via storms or stolen. The same can be said for electronic equipment such as computers / tv screens etc.

Although having large amount on premise is less likely these days with the high use of credit cards and direct debit membership processing companies. Money stolen during business hours, or outside business hours can be covered while in transit or held your private residence.

General Property
This covers the actual building from storm, fire or malicious damage and other hazzards. Those operators that lease facilities generally don't need to obtain an actual policy for this as the owner normally has one in place. 

This the ideal time to get an Insurance Health Check to make sure you can cover everything you need and don't cover items that are not required.

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 The keys areas are:

# General Property
# Business Interruption
# Equipment 
# Theft & Burglary
# Glass (inside and outside)
# Money (stolen - left on premise)
# Repairs (storms / fires / break in / vandalism









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